K.L Kulal Sir's Classes


Professor K.L.Kulal’s Private Classes is one of the most reputed Engineering coaching classes for Mumbai University. Sir has taught various subjects in Mechanical Engineering, Automobile engineering, Chemical Engineering and Marine Engineering for 20 years with enormous success to thousands of students and continues to do so even today with same amount of enthusiasm. Sir has completed his post-graduation in Thermal Engineering. He is currently pursuing PhD in the field of I.C.Engine.

He started teaching in 1991 with vidyalankar classes and later established his own classes. He is not only a great teacher but also a very good motivator. He has guided thousands of students to choose appropriate career path. His friendly behavior with all students and personal attention to each and every student despite of handling almost 750 students across 15 batches of different subjects at different centers across the city every semester has set him apart from other professors. He has enormous amount of knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and also has very rare ability to pass on that knowledge to his students in a manner the students enjoy it a lot.

The purpose behind creating this website is not to market the classes but it has been created to help students in different ways. Students can post their reviews and can make of the different informative content added to the website like previous question papers, syllabus, paper patterns.


Sir adapts quite a different teaching methodology than that used by most other professors. He is a firm believer in the quote “There is no substitute for hard work!” And every student who has attended sir’s class knows it. One can bet that he solves maximum number of problems in the class itself in each subject as compared to any professor in same profession. Sir is not too fond of modern technology, but when it comes to education sir is ready to shed his reluctance to use modern technology and always provides students with links to important videos and other informative websites which play vital role in not only understanding concepts but also helps in familiarizing students with physical form of different equipment which is very useful in the future of an engineer.

He always stresses of the fact that students should study for the knowledge and he will take care that they also score good marks. If thorough knowledge is combined with bit of presence of mind which is easily developed within the student after attending sir’s classes students are bound to succeed .